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Ignoring this Silent Mega-Trend can be a Big Mistake.
Here are 10 reasons why :

~35% of Total Market Value of Indian Stock Market is represented by Lending businesses - Banks/SFBs/NBFCs

The Yes Bank experience revealed that 99.9% Retail investors have no clue how to analyse lending businesses

No other sector represents such a large share of the Total pie

The Impact of Covid-19 disruptions on Lending businesses is almost over making way for serious growth in the sector.

India suffers from severe credit under-penetration i.e - More than 60 Cr Indian can’t get loans from formal lending channels.

The Worst decade for Indian Banking is over and even during this time the high quality lenders have comfortably outperformed their benchmark indices.

The Government knows that the $5 Trillion Dream will remain only a dream without a vibrant lending & borrowing ecosystem.

Learning How to understand, analyse and value these businesses will give YOU and Unfair Advantage over other Retail Investors.

RBI & Central Government’s policies are singularly focused on increasing access to Credit.

Conventional Stock picking is dead ! You must build your ‘circle of competence’ in Sectors that are undergoing a Mega-Trend.

Meet the Trainer

My Name Is Rahul Rao

Over the last 7 years I went from being 45 Lakh in Education loans to becoming Financially Independent.

During this time I interacted with thousands of Investors like yourself, hundreds of business owners and slowly articulated a philosophy that helped me not only earn money but invest it   in a relatively low risk way so that it grows on its own.

This Banking workshop & other educational material that is to follow is a means of sharing that philosophy. 

I sincerely wish this workshop is useful for you. If it is, please share the workshop page link with others who can benefit from it. If it is not useful and you think we can improve, Please share your feedback. We take it very seriously.

In their actual words...

Experiences shared by Investors who previously attended this Workshop

What will you learn in the workshop?

Our 2 Hr Workshop will cover the following, and a lot more…


Lending Business Model

Money Flow

How Money Flows inside the Model


How to Analyse Assets & Liabilities of a Lender

Industry Structure

Industry Structure/ Segments/ Market Shares & Growth Rates

Cross-Sectional Live Analysis

LIVE Cross-Sectional Analysis of Top 15 Banks

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workshop is Free for now. However, that might change in the near future. 

The Workshop is best suited for Investors who have some experience in the Stock market. You may have attended other Value Investing courses or Fundamental Stock Analysis courses and you want to take your understanding to the next level. Or you may be specifically interested in learning more about the Banking, NBFC, SFB business i.e - Lending Institutions

Currently, we are working on a comprehensive course focused specifically around the lending industry - One of its kind in the country. The reason for this is that most Retail Investors have very little competence or guidance around how to create wealth from an Industry that is literally the backbone of the economy, so yes, we are planning to create a comprehensive course around the lending niche. This course will be paid and we will share the details about the course during the 2 Hr Workshop/webinar. 

However, we understand there is nothing more frustrating than attending webinars/workshops which have very little value and are designed exclusively to sell you something. We’ve been on the receiving end of that and it is not a pleasant experience. So our promise to you is simple and straightforward - Regardless of whether you choose to enrol for our paid course, we will do our best to ensure that your 2 hrs with us are filled with as much valuable insights, tools and information as possible. If you feel otherwise, Please do share your experience so we can change, improve and make the workshop better. 

This is a LIVE Online workshop. We conduct our workshops on either Zoom or WebinarJam and the link for the same is shared via either Email, SMS, Whatsapp or a combination of these mediums.

English & Hindi. It would be ideal if you’re comfortable with both languages. 

I believe that, selling is a transfer of energy and that is the only way our community can succeed and thrive.

But, a lot of people associate sales to a bad thing. Well, the funny part is ‘Sales People’ feel selling is a con and they feel guilty to sell.

Again, that’s NOT TRUE

When a sale happens there are two parties that come out victorious, The Buyer and the Seller. The Buyer gets a product or service that will better his/her life in some way, and the Seller gets financial benefit out.

2 WINNERS……isn’t this a BULB ON moment!!!

Well, join the ‘Sell Like Hell Masterclass’ and learn the mindset and Skill set to ace Sales and be a Sales Superstar

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